What is Ventuken

We have built a platform to take fundraising and investment to the next level

VENTUKEN is leveraging on Blockchain technology, using smart-contracts and Tokens to empower fund-exchanges operations.

While existing fundraising solutions come with high costs and administrative complexity, VENTUKEN offers a secured, easy and cost effective way for startups to raise funds and Investors to make the most of their money.

In the end, our mission is not only to provide a seamless and secured platform but to bring solutions to drive startups and investors toward a new era of tokenized economy.

power of Blockchain

Toward tokenized economy

Technologies breakthroughs always lead to a new era of business models : E-commerce came along with the rise of the Internet, Cloud technology enabled SaaS models, and Blockchain technology is now empowering a new token based economy.

Blockchain provides the best level of trust through an unfalsifiable technology, Smart contracts automate transactions according to coded rules to streamline and secure operations, and standardized Tokens are seamlessly exchangeable to provide the highest liquidity.

Tokenization is a revolution that will transform the economic landscape in the very short term.  VENTUKEN’s mission is to support the creation of new business models based on the use of the company’s services.


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